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“Resurrection Morning”

On the resurrection morning as we rise to meet our Lord,
When His glory and His vict’ry we shall share,
With unnumbered blood-washed millions
we’ll go shouting through the skies,
As His bride ascends to meet Him in the air.

When the roll is called up yonder
We’ll be filled with awe and wonder;
As we see the gathered number —
Some from every tribe and nation shall be there.

Up from India’s blighted cities, other lands in darkest gloom,
Comes a host that’s been redeemed by Jesus’ blood;
Those who went to tell the story, those who prayed and gave their all,
Will be with them bringing trophies home to God.

When from China’s countless millions and the islands of the sea,
Comes the mighty host that’s saved from endless woe,
Will we ever think of partings, will we ever count the cost,
As we with our jewels to the Savior go?

Let us hasten with the message which He said was meant for all
To the east, the west, and all the world around;
Of one blood He made all nations, we must win them all for Him,
Precious jewels to adorn our Savior’s crown.

May be sung to the tune “When the Roll is Called Up Yonder.”

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