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Ronnie Rice — Deaf Evangelist

"The DEAF can. I know because I am Deaf!"


Special Memorial Package

SWM Special Tribute to Ronnie Rice

A collection of his sermons, stories, writings, and ministry.

To Order, Click Here: Ronnie Rice Memorial Package

A Special Tribute to Ronnie Rice

“Ronnie Rice’s works express his life far more than our words ever could. This special tribute is sent “free” as the Lord provides. Naturally, your gifts will help us print more free tracts, DBI booklets, and evangelism literature.”
– Ted Camp, Founder

Special Memorial Booklet for Ronnie Rice

The Deaf Can!

A 23-page booklet that gives 29 things that Deaf people CAN DO! Also includes an explanation of salvation and Heaven.

You Must Choose

A 36-minute DVD with Deaf Evangelist Ronnie Rice clearly presenting the reality of Heaven and Hell. DVD is in sign language and voice.

On the Right Track

A 41-minute DVD of Ronnie Rice sharing the story of his life, from his youth, to his salvation and call into the ministry. DVD is in sign language and voice.

Classic Deaf Preaching Series - #6

A 90-minute DVD of classic sermons as preached and filmed in mid-1980’s at the Bill Rice Ranch. All videos are in sign language and voice. Excellent for classes, groups, soul-winning interpreters.

In Heaven Forever tract

In Heaven Forever

A Gospel tract written by Deaf Evangelist Ronnie Rice

Good News for Deaf People

The Gospel presented in 5 ways!
Great Soul-Winning Tool! • Use as a tract!

Good News For Deaf People (Ronnie Rice) • Gestures/Voice
I Want to Tell You (Allen Snare) • ASL/Voice
You Can Go to Heaven (Jon Barr) • ASL/Voice
You Can Go To Heaven • Slide Show (10 Languages)
The Way to New Life • Text/Graphics (6 Languages)