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Two shoe salesmen traveled to a new country. Both men got off the plane and noticed that no one there wore shoes. The first man turned around and got back on the plane. He sent this text to his boss: “No one here wears shoes, I’m on my way home.” The second man excitedly sent this text to his boss: “No one here wears shoes; everyone is an opportunity!” What was the difference between these two men? The way they looked at things. One man saw failure, and the other saw an opportunity.

For many years I have been praying for more opportunities to reach more Deaf with the Word of God. I realize that there are not enough people trying to reach and teach the Deaf. But this has been a negative way to see this situation. Recently, God opened my eyes to the positive. While I still pray for more people to surrender to reach out to the Deaf, I thank God for the many opportunities that are here today right before us. At a Deaf Men’s Retreat in Tennessee, I met a group of men who were from my state! I asked them if they would be interested in doing a Bible Study with me when we returned home. They were all excited! We began meeting every other week to study the Bible! It requires another man and me to drive many miles picking up the men for the study. Some think this is foolish, as gas prices are so high. I see it as an opportunity to do something about the prayer I have been praying for Deaf men to be saved and discipled. Opportunities are all around us. The question is whether or not we are willing to do what it takes to make our vision come to reality.

The two shoe salesmen saw the same thing. One went home defeated and poor. The other stayed, and sold many shoes. The second man saw an opportunity, took a risk, followed through, and was successful. Which are you? Step out by faith today and do what you can for the Lord. See opportunities and attempt great things for God!

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