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Join The Monthly Silent Word Newspaper Sender’s Club

The “Sender’s Club” is a group of individuals who give $10 or more every month to help us send the Silent Word Newspaper to Deaf people, deaf ministries, churches, and others interested in the Christian Deaf Community.  Our desire is for this ministry to be self-supporting. We have no special “grant” to keep it going. This ministry is supported only by church ads, ministry ads, and individuals in the “Sender’s Club.”  Wonderfully, the Lord supplies the need through people like you.

Join the sender’s club today and you will receive…

  • One FREE Bible* with your first donation
  • Receipt for your tax-deductible donation

*Value of Bible varies depending on availability.

Thank you for your help with this important ministry.

Sample Bible Image

View the form on your phone:

(SWM at giving.ncsservices.org)

Join The

“Sender’s Club”