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Dear Friends of SWM,

At our SWM Mission Retreat in 2019, we discussed the need to believe God for bigger things. None of us anticipated that 2020 would bring the changes and challenges of a pandemic, financial strain, or the “stay at home” guidelines. While we could not anticipate any of these things, it is comforting to know that our God was not surprised at all by these events. Our traveling deputation, special meetings, and Fantastic Saturdays were brought to an abrupt halt. Annual summer Deaf camp ministries were affected, and missionaries faced cancellations in America and foreign countries. Even our local church services shut down. Face-to-face meetings, as well as one-on-one discipleship meetings were forbidden. Our often-used statement that SWM is a 24/7/365 ministry was challenged. We needed to adjust our ministry to the world-wide pandemic. We realized we had the means and ministry to reach the outside world through social media. We could preach and teach in sign language and voice to reach the many unreached deaf and hearing for Christ. Our SWM team began online services for deaf ministries. Later we added a new Deaf ministry outreach program called “Eagle Soar” that aired LIVE through Facebook, andthenposted on YouTube to be viewed later. (BTW: I have heard that once posted it is not deleted -TC.) These live sessions involved everyone. We posted a series of about forty different workshops designed to help people with their Deaf ministry needs. It worked! We improvised and reached thousands of people world-wide that we would never have reached before. Another blessing was that Terry and I were scheduled for a Fantastic Saturday in Rhode Island. Rather than canceling, we conducted the meeting online! In past meetings we usually had between sixty and eighty people attend. WOW! We had 1,200+ view and participate in the live online meeting! Did we miss the fellowship? Yes, we missed the fellowship. Were we able to continue to minister to this church, their Pastor, and their Deaf leader? Yes, we were able to minister to far more. Our goal to do bigger and better things was accomplished. All things worked together for our good and His glory!

SWM Monthly Report – At the home office, we became even more busy because many are ordering our literature and books during this “shut-in” time. Also this has helped increase our free DBI enrollment, which is coordinated by SWM Donna Condra. We have exceeded our expectations. We now have 1,645 deaf enrolled and 2,123 courses have been completed through the years. Through our 24/7/365 (smile) ministries, we have had 102 reported salvations this year. Also, some have expressed concern for our health during this time. Some of our team-members tested positive, but none ever had virus sickness. All are negative at this time. Ted & Carlene Camp, our founders, also remain healthy and active while isolating with wisdom. We missed our annual mission and EOB retreats. Also our 29 team mission members are again active in meetings and churches while following guidelines with caution. Read their prayer and praise report below

SWM and our mission team members are so thankful for the faithfulness of your support. During this time of challenge in our world, we have seen God remain faithful to His work! We are humbled to serve the Lord alongside each of you who support this ministry. Please pray with us that God will continue to do bigger and better things through our ministry in the days ahead. God wants to do amazing things in your life as well. Let’s all remain faithful to the Lord in these days He has given us. He has a plan for us that may be different than our plan. But it will be perfect as we yield to Him! We are excited to see what God is going to do in the days ahead! Thanks for helping to make our ministry possible.

A Simple Definition
of the Lord’s Great Commission:

“The Spirit Sent – They Went.”
Acts 13:2-3 TC

“We are here to serve,”
Jim Bracelin,
Director of SWM Outreach Ministries

Praise Reports

Jon and Diane Barr are thankful for JT Gorham’s help in many areas in the SWM office, including SWM videos and other projects. They were also pleased to be back “on the road again” with a meeting in Pennsylvania, reporting to a supporting church in West Virginia, and preaching for a hearing and deaf church homecoming.

Tabitha Beam is excited to report two new supporters in recent months!

Jim and Terry Bracelin and Allen Snare held a Fantastic Saturday in Holt, Michigan. Twenty-two people came out for the good meeting. Their Fantastic Saturday in Rhode Island was done virtually using Facebook Live, and over 1,200 people viewed it!

Reed and Donna Condra are thankful for the 7 deaf people that have been saved so far this year through the Deaf Bible Institute! Donna has been staying in touch with deaf students, answering email questions, grading tests, and sending new study booklets and certificates of completion. Total enrollment is now up to 1,645 students!

JT Gorham is thankful for being out in meetings and for the support received for his internship.

Paul and Rachel Strosnider report a very good missions conference with SWMI missionaries Ben and Marie Muldoon, and Bruce and Amanda Stuart.

Bruce and Amanda Stuart recently had some car trouble, but they praise the Lord that the need was met in full. The Lord has also provided a vehicle for them to use on their deputation trip in Alaska.

Prayer Requests

Jon and Diane Barr ask your prayers for help and wisdom as Jon and JT Gorham (SWM intern) help interpret for Deaf Days at the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter. Pray also for the Lord to work in the hearts of both Deaf and hearing people during the Fantastic Saturday in Missouri (St Louis area).

Tabitha Beam plans to join the SWM Deaf Israel Tour group in March 2021 and needs to raise $3,950. This trip will increase her Bible knowledge and impact her ministry. If you would like to help, please send gifts to SWM, designated “Tabitha Beam Project.”

Jim and Terry Bracelin need your prayers for their busy month of October. Jim will be filling the pulpit for two weeks for a supporting church in Connecticut. They also will travel to Virginia for a special celebration with friends, conduct a Fantastic Saturday in Pennsylvania, and represent SWM at a Bible college missions conference in West Virginia. Please pray also for their family in the recent “graduation to Heaven” of Jim’s dad. Pat Bracelin had a tremendous impact on Jim’s life and the lives of many others. He was described as faithful – to his Lord, his wife, his children (Jim and his sister, Terri), his grandchildren, and his great grandchildren.

Reed and Donna Condra ask prayer for Mr. and Mrs. Barry Smith to grow in faith.

JT Gorham needs prayer for additional short-term support for his internship. Pray also for wisdom in making decisions for future ministry.

Ben and Marie Muldoon ask for your prayers for their busy fall deputation schedule. They have many meetings scheduled, including two weeks in Alaska.

Frank and Ursala Rasmussen (SWM EOB members) need your prayers for Ursala as she recovers from a fall on the stairs.

Bruce and Amanda Stuart request prayer for safety while driving and flying for their fall meetings – 7 weeks with 8 mission conferences in Missouri, Texas, and Alaska. Pray they will also faithfully share the Gospel.

SWM Missionaries needing more support: Tabitha Beam, David Bennett, Jim Bracelin, Reed Condra, Larry Galyen, Monique Lindsey, Ben Muldoon, Bud Ring, Bruce Stuart, Rusty VanDonkelaar, Carrie Whaley, and the SWM home office.

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