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“Shall We Tell the Lost of Jesus?”

Shall we tell the lost of Jesus,
Tell them of the One who died,
Tell them of the cross of Calv’ry,
Of the Saviour, the Crucified?

Refrain: Come, let’s tell the lost of Jesus,
Come and spread the Word around;
Come, and preach the blessed story
Till fruit for the Lord doth abound.

Shall we tell the gospel story,
Tell the lost of His great love,
Tell He left His home in Glory,
Came to earth from Heaven above?


Shall we sow the seed for Jesus,
Tell the world that He will save
All who come in true repentance,
Trusting Him for mercy and grace?


© Written by WDB.
May be sung to the tune of “Shall We Gather At The River.”
Meter: Refrain

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