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Deaf Poems

Silence of the Deaf

By January 19, 2021No Comments

“Silence of the Deaf”

By Tony Stephen Ruckel

Each morning is covered with silence;
and long, dark and silent is the night.
No birds are singing in the spring.
No music to comfort and cheer.
I would love to hear my mother’s song.
I have often prayed with all my might.
Many do not understand my speech,
nor comprehend my every tear.

No ocean roar has filled my ears.
No thunder heard as lightning flashes.
No singer can this silence break.

I have never know my father’s laugh,
Nor ever hear a baby cry.
No one can from me this sorrow take.
Many times I see friends laugh,
I want so much their joy to share.
Many times I feel so lonesome,
People seem so very far away from me.

Faith comes by hearing the Bible says,
Yet it seems no man cares for my soul
I try to know God’s will but how can I
Except some man should guide me.
I would not have you to be sorry for me,
For I have believed upon God’s Word.
For there is a comfort that one day
I shall hear my Savior’s words
I shall hear the angel shout
I shall hear the trumpet blast.

The deaf shall hear and be changed
The silence forever be broken – Amen.

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