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Soul Winning – Jesus loved the unsaved and wanted them to be saved. We need to follow the example of Jesus and go to the lost. If the Christians do not witness to the unsaved they will die without Jesus and go to Hell. Did you know that many, many deaf die every day in this world? Deaf people also have feelings. They hurt, love and also have a soul. Who cares for the souls of deaf people? Hell is an awful place and Jesus does not want any person to go to the terrible place of Hell. Do you care? Your friends and loved ones need to be saved. Jesus said, “As my Father hath sent me, even so send I you” (John 20: 21). Jesus wants to send you to help your friends, family and the people where you work. Jesus is now in Heaven and He wants us to go for Him to the sinners. Start now to talk to your family and your friends. Tell them about Jesus dying for their sins. Invite them to go to church with you. You need to talk to the people at the grocery store, the service station, the post office, and witness to people you meet every day.

No Seeds – No Souls – Soul Winning involves Christians going to those without Christ with the Word of God. Soul winners are compared to sowers who sow seeds into the ground. They are to sow the seed (Word of God) into the hearts of lost people. Soul winners are compared to fishermen who catch fish (souls) for the Lord. Someone needs to be a sower and a fisherman into the Deaf world. There are many Deaf people who have never known about Jesus Christ. Who will help them understand? It is sad, but only few Christians witness or go soul winning. In the Deaf world
it seems there are many interpreters, teachers, and singers but only a few who visit Deaf people. Deaf people are saved the same as all people are saved. There is not one Gospel for the hearing and one Gospel for the Deaf, but someone must go witness to the Deaf in their Sign Language and culture

Witness Into The World – “Go ye into all the world.” This does not mean going to Africa, but going to your daily world. Witness on your job, or at school, stores, or any place where you meet people and can be a witness. To witness means that you will share with others something that has personally happened to you. If you have been saved then you should tell others about it.

Witness to them that you are a Christian-Every day you should be conscious of those you meet and be open to be a witness. There is a Heaven and Hell. There is an eternity. You need to help others to be saved! It is the responsibility of all Christians to witness. Ask the Lord to give you a special burden for the Deaf who live in your area. Pray for the
Deaf who live in other areas. Send special letters with tracts and witness to them. If you don’t witness to them, who will?

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