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Did you know there is new telephone technology for people who are hard-of-hearing? CapTel, short for “captioned telephone,” provides a phone and an easy-to-read display with captions. When someone who is hard-of-hearing receives a call, they can read what the caller says on the display so they don’t miss any of the words. There are four types of CapTel phones. Many states offer CapTel phones for free. The phones are available in other states for only $75 per phone. Each phone has an easy-to-read screen. There is even one phone with a touch-screen. Another has extra large fonts and display options for people with low vision. There is even a phone that has a Braille display for people with combined vision and hearing loss. CapTel services include no-cost captioning, free installation support, and a 24/7 helpline. The CapTel website says, “CapTel phones work with a no-cost Captioning Service to show every word your caller says. It’s like closed captions on TV, for your phone!”

For more information, visit CapTel.com or call CapTel Customer Service at 1-800-233-9130.

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