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I am thankful to be a part of a missions team that has a heart to do more for God at all times. Silent Word Ministries has a heart that is fully committed to the Great Commission.

What is the Great Commission? Some people think this is something for only missionaries, not individual Christians. But Jesus did not give this Great Commission (responsibility) to missionaries. Jesus gave this challenge to every person who follows Him. He gave this responsibility to every person who trusts Him as their Savior. If you are saved, you have this responsibility. I am thrilled to be the Director of Outreach here at SWM. My goal is to look for opportunities to reach out to the Deaf and Hearing that no one else is reaching. I have prayed that God would give me opportunities. I have had the opportunity to reach others in ways that I did not expect! I want to share two of these with you, and hope that these things will help encourage you to look for things that you can do to reach out to others.

The first opportunity is to use technology to share the Word of God with others. We have been holding Bible Studies with Deaf from Malaysia! Yes, they use signs similar to those we use here in America! Yes, they are saved by the same Jesus who saves us here in America! Maybe God wants to use you through your social media to help some Deaf who are hurting and have questions. Post good verses that touched your heart. Don’t use your weaknesses to limit what God can do with you.

The second opportunity is to teach a Deaf Bible Study with men who are hungry to understand the Word of God. I love sitting around the table with these men and sharing the things that God has taught me in my time of study.

Both of these opportunities that God has given me, He could also give you. Will you ask God to lead you to things that will help you to spread the good news of the Word of God with others? You might not have the title of Director of Outreach, but you can reach out to others! It is exciting to be a part of what God is doing to spread the Word of God around the world!

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