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Who Are Deaf People?

Image of Deaf Timelines - History and Heritage

Deaf History & Heritage

Dr. Ted Camp, Founder of Silent Word Ministries, strongly believes that preserving the history and heritage of Deaf people is important. He has compiled information from many sources and put them into this unique series of manuals, booklets, and pamphlets. In these materials you will find

  • Information on the history of sign language
  • Stories of Deaf people who made a difference in the Deaf world
  • “Firsts” (first deaf schools, first deaf teacher, first baseball player, etc.)
  • A compiled timeline of dates, names, locations, events throughout Deaf history (secular, educational, religious, sports, etc.)
  • Bible stories for children as printed by T.H. Gallaudet
  • Biographies of Bible characters as written by T.H. Gallaudet

We hope these books are helpful to you in studying, teaching, and preserving the history of Deaf people.


Help Us Keep This Resource Updated!

Your suggestions, corrections, updates and comments are welcomed. We plan to continually update and revise as needed and reprint.

Note: SWM has tried to verify and attest the following dates and information to the best of our ability. If you note any information or data that is incorrect, please advise us, and it will be corrected in the next printing. Our goal is simply to inform the public, those in deaf ministries, and especially the Deaf concerning their Deaf History & Heritage.

As I was compiling the History & Heritage Series, I realized the great need to also compile the History and Heritage of the Deaf in a sequence Timeline. Then I thought why not compile Deaf history and heritage to also include secular,  sports, technology, religious, missions and news events.

As I compiled information from many sources I quickly learned to appreciate those who have gone before and made this new Timeline manual possible. It would not have been possible without their research and knowledge. Also, modern technology via Internet help make it very convenient.

Again, we appreciate those who have gone before and recorded Deaf History and Deaf Heritage. We express our gratitude for their diligence, research and recording of deaf history and heritage. We express our gratitude for their diligence, research and recording of deaf history and heritage.

Deaf Timelines will continually be updated with new available information. Please send your dated information, changes, and suggestions to SWM.

Dr. Ted Camp, Founder, Silent Word Ministries.
The Island That Spoke by Hand

Since 1854, for almost three centuries, the population on the island of Martha’s Vineyard had an unusual proportion of profoundly Deaf People. This is the amazing reprinted story of The Island That Spoke By Hand. Also, a study of the Genetics of Deafness.

People Who Made A Difference

Learn about people who influenced the Deaf world such as Helen Keller, T.H. Gallaudet and more.

Deaf Heritage Pamphlets

Set of 8 Deaf History & Heritage pamphlets including Firsts in Deaf Sign Language, Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet and more.

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What God Wants You to Know

Who is God? Why are you here? What is sin? Why must you die? What about eternity?

Please read this tract. You will find the answers.

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