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PG: Word Studies/Lehman Strauss – Order: SH02 SilentWord.org/Store

PRAYER – is always used of man speaking and asking for things from God the Father in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ (Matthew 6:6).

means to determine something before it happens. God has determined or predestinated that every believer in Christ has eternal life and one day will be in Heaven. Note: Predestination usually refers to the son, not the sinner. Sinners are not predestinated to Hell any more than others are predestinated to Heaven. “After” a person is saved, he is predestinated as a son to be eternally in Heaven (Ephesians 1:5). – TC

PRIEST – the one who offered a sacrifice in the Tabernacle to God on behalf of the people. He stood between the people and God. The first appointed priests were Aaron and his sons (Exodus 28:1).

PROPHECY – a prophet (preacher in OT) would speak the mind and message of God to the people. When a message was about future things it was called prophecy or prophesy. The written Word of God has replaced the speaking prophets. God now speaks from verses.

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