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Silent Word

Mission Board

“Specializing in Deaf Ministry”

Come serve the Lord with us!

Silent Word Mission Team

Silent Word Ministries (USA)

The Silent Word Mission Board is unique in that we specialize in deaf ministry.

Our desire is to reach the Deaf World for Christ, beginning at “home.” Missionaries are needed. Church planters are needed. Many Deaf people have no Bible-believing church nearby. Many laymen in deaf ministries are untrained and need help and direction. A missionary to the Deaf can help many deaf ministries reach and teach the Deaf in their areas. The Great Commission, “Go ye into all the world” also includes the Deaf world. Our burden since 1966 is simply to tell the Deaf “More About Jesus!”

Come help us reach the Deaf World for Jesus Christ!

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SWM International

Our desire is to assist local, independent, Baptist churches in fulfilling the Great Commission among the DEAF people groups around the WORLD!

Partner with us. We need your help to reach the UNREACHED, to teach the UNTAUGHT, and to train the UNTRAINED. Multitudes of Deaf people have never been exposed to the Gospel. God-called missionaries from North America need to be sent, supported, and sustained. Also, foreign nationals must be trained to reach Deaf people in their cities, regions, and, countries. We have the ability. We have the knowledge. This is what we specialize in doing for Christ. But we need more churches to pray and to help. We need more people to go and to serve. We need YOU. In some way, we need YOU!

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SWM Ministry of Helps

Silent Word Ministries opens the door for qualified people to serve the Lord with SWM. Under the Ministry of “Helps”, you may not be an evangelist, preacher, or pastor, but you can serve God using your God-Given abilities. “Are all apostles? are all prophets? are all teachers?” (1 Corinthians 12:29). Ordination is not required for the Ministry of Helps program.

Our unique, missionary ministry would not be possible without the many who serve the Lord with us in their different areas of expertise (Rom. 12:4-5).

Let us know your expertise, as it may open new doors of ministry for us to serve the Lord together.

You can help us and we can help you.

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