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Christ is in the business of building lives, leaders, local churches, and His kingdom. He increases our burden, fans our passion, and enlarges our vision. One way Christ does this is through missions trips. In fact, missions trips may be one of the best ways to challenge people with spiritual needs around the world, as well as at home. Please prayerfully consider these 14 ways God can use a missions trip in your life and the lives of others.

  1. Missions trips may enlighten you to the realities of life on a foreign mission field.
  2. Missions trips allow you to make new friends among people of a different background, language, and culture.
  3. Missions trips may increase your burden for the unsaved.
  4. Missions trips may teach you how to pray more effectively.
  5. Missions trips may cause you to be more excited about the cause of Christ in your own local church and community.
  6. Missions trips may open your eyes to the needs of international people who are now living in your own community.
  7. Missions trips may challenge you to be more creative in the way you support the cause of missions worldwide.
  8. Missions trips may inspire you to challenge others about their need to be more involved in missions.
  9. Missions trips may help you to appreciate more the sacrifices that missionaries experience on their fields.
  10. Missions trips may help you to be more discerning when speaking with veteran missionaries.
  11. Missions trips may help you to be more thankful for and more involved in the lives of missionaries that your church supports.
  12. Missions trips may help you to be more grateful for the many blessings God has given you at home, in your local church, and in your home country.
  13. Missions trips may stretch your faith.
  14. Missions trips may be used of God to confirm a certain call or direction in your life, one way or another.

    Start now praying about taking a missions trip. Ask your pastor about it. Contact us at SWMI for more information. We will work with your pastor or missions committee to help organize a missions trip for you with your own missionaries or our contacts. We can tailor the trip for you individually or for your church group; or, you may want to join one of our larger groups. We are here to help you and your church to grow in the area of missions.

    For more information or help, please contact SWMI. We are happy to help you get involved in an eye-opening, heart-stirring, life-changing missions trip.

Missions Trips may be addictive to your spiritual health.”

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