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Training workers for evangelism, discipleship, and education is vital to ministries. Without this training, workers must rely on only their classroom teaching, Bible school education, and personal experience. Though good, these are not sufficient to prepare a man or woman for full-time ministry. Also, although negative personal experiences can teach good lessons, they tend to delay the reproduction of ministry laborers and can set back the ministry in several ways. Personal hands-on training under the guidance of experienced trainers is needed to develop ministries that will reproduce themselves.

Silent Word Ministries International is excited to partner with two groups of nationals in the country of India! Yanger Walling and Amongla Ao started a phenomenal deaf school in India. They learned sign language from Bruce and Ruth Schwalbe in Bangalore, India almost 40 years ago. They have a tremendous ministry with a deaf church and school. They are now beginning to train others for deaf ministry around India and, Lord willing, for other countries as well. SWMI has already sent one pastor and one university graduate for training in their ministry. Also, SWMI has partnered with an Indian Deaf Church and Bible Institute for the purpose of training laborers among the Deaf. Likeminded ministries can multiply when working together to train men and women for the cause of Christ.

Ministries like these have experience and training skills to efficiently multiply laborers among the deaf. Besides the man and woman now being trained to open deaf schools and ministries in other parts of India, SWMI also plans to send both American and international deaf ministry workers to India for training, where they will receive effective training to work with Deaf in third world countries, which is very different than in first world countries.
SWMI is also laying a foundation in Liberia, West Africa, for training laborers to work with people with special needs, including those with multiple handicaps (Matt. 15:30). Our goal is to train nationals and foreigners to have a heartfelt burden for working overseas with these people who need Jesus Christ. Trained laborers are vital to this process.

SWM seeks qualified individuals to receive special training in local church deaf ministries and deaf education. This training takes place in northern India, although we expect many will work in other countries such as in Africa and Asia.

If you are interested in investing in this training program,
please contact me for more information: Contact David by clicking here.

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