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SWMI Core Values

Dependent on God
We look to God for our resources as well as for the rewards of our labors. We look to Him in prayer, making our requests by faith in His ultimate wisdom, power, and goodness. We fully realize that our needs can only be met by Him and that our accomplishments are solely through His grace and mercy.

Focused on the Body of Christ
We focus on the church, the body of Christ, from beginning to end. We seek to assist churches in their task of world evangelization. We seek to assist missionaries in their task of planting new churches. We seek to assist foreign churches in their task of multiplying themselves through a church planting movement.

Led by the Spirit
We strive to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit of God. We believe He leads through His Word, through the direction of authorities, through godly counsel, through circumstances, and through prayer. We do not fear men. We go where and do what He commands. His approval is our only joy.

Rooted in the Scriptures
We are solely rooted in the Holy Scriptures. We derive our doctrine, purpose, principles, and practices for faith and living from the Word of God. We obey the Bible without wavering, without compromise, and without apology. We diligently apply Biblical truth and precepts to all of life’s circumstances and challenges. Biblical truth is our basis for genuine love, faith, and life.

Impassioned with a Mission
We are motivated by a passion for the fulfillment of the Great Commission. We have accepted the command of Christ to go into all the world, preaching the Gospel and making disciples of all nations. This is our passion.

Dedicated to Service
We are humbly committed to the honorable service of our Lord and King. We serve Him by serving the lost and needy of this world; by serving the local church; and by serving missionaries both at home and abroad. We are devoted to developing and maintaining a teachable spirit, a meek disposition, and the Christ-like character needed for servanthood.

Driven by Love
We love God, the First Great Commandment, because He first loved us. We love our neighbor according to the Second Great Commandment. We, therefore, are driven to love a lost and dying world for whom Christ died and to love one another and, thereby, prove that we are Christ’s disciples.

“Our vision may grow but our values will always stay the same.”