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Ted Camp’s Weekly Articles

snowy mountainTCWeekly

No Well Done For Undone

I read of Ryan Hall, a retired long-distance runner who holds the U.S. record time of (59:43) for one-half of a marathon. But for some unknown reason, he never finished…
Ted Camp
September 22, 2021
color chartTCWeekly

Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It!

My wife decided to repaint our den in the color brown. A simple color became complicated when she returned with many colored cards. I saw many confusing color-complicated choices. I…
Ted Camp
September 18, 2021
girl hiding faceTCWeekly

Are YOU Ready?

As a kid we played many games; Kick the Can – Red Rover – Tag. But “Hide and Seek” was our favorite. Whoever was “IT” would close their eyes and…
Ted Camp
September 1, 2021
Ted Camp

Ted Camp, SWM Founder

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