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Ted Camp’s Weekly Articles

US ConstitutionTCWeekly

Unwritten Words Are Never Read

The written word has influenced and inspired thousands, millions, and even nations. Some writers have been able to control and influence the thinking of millions throughout history. A few men…
Ted Camp
September 18, 2020
Glasses,Bible and ComputerTCWeekly

Lost and Found

Luke chapter 15 tells the stories of a lost sheep (3-7), lost silver (8-9), and a lost son (11-20). Each time, there was great rejoicing as each one found what…
Ted Camp
September 11, 2020
Charley Brownd and SnoopyTCWeekly

You Are You-nique

I read the unusual story of “Sparky” who flunked most of his school subjects. He was awkward in sports but finally made the golf team and lost the only game…
Ted Camp
September 3, 2020
Ted Camp

Ted Camp, SWM Founder

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