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People sometimes do not understand what is taught because they do not learn the way we teach. It is important that we study how someone learns, so we can teach how they understand. I have taught many deaf that could not understand the lessons. When we adjusted the lessons for their understanding, vocabulary (or lack of vocabulary), and their understanding of everyday things, they began to understand.

1. Remember who you are teaching. I remember a girl who was leading songs for a small group of minimal language deaf. Most of the deaf had a vocabulary of 20 or 25 signs. She led the song, “Wonderful Grace of Jesus.” The deaf had NO idea what they were singing. Instead, she should have sung “Jesus loves me” or some other simple song. Remember who you are teaching and adjust your teaching (and singing) to THEIR understanding.

2. There is no such thing as “too simple.Our first responsibility is to help them understand God’s Word. We must be as simple as needed for people to understand. When they learn, then their understanding can grow. I remember one girl who understood nothing. We taught her patiently for 5 years until she understood salvation and was saved. We had to begin very simply. As she learned, we could teach her more and more until she finally understood.

3. Teach at their learning speed. Different people learn at different speeds. Be patient and teach however fast or slow they might learn. It is also a good idea to divide a special class into groups according to their learning speed. Sometimes, it has been necessary to teach someone one on one so he could learn at his speed.

4. Keep going. It will be frustrating sometimes but continue teaching until they learn.

If you have questions or need help in teaching someone, please feel free to contact me at hhdeafmat@gmail.com.

If they do not understand the way you teach, then teach the way they understand.

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