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Nicole Condra

Nicole Condra

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Silent Word Ministries International

Missionary to the Deaf in Romania

Nicole Condra is a second-generation missionary to the deaf. She grew up knowing sign language and working with deaf people alongside her parents, Reed and Donna Condra. When once asked about her specific call into deaf missions, Nicole thought and replied, “I don’t ever remember a time when God called me out of deaf missions.” In 2004, she was asked by leaders of Silent Word Ministries to serve as a home-office missionary. In 2011 Nicole transitioned to get further training to prepare for her the foreign field. In 2019 Nicole moved to Romania, where she serves as a full-time missionary.

What I Do
  • Discipleship
  • Deaf Ministry Training
  • Assisting National Churches with Deaf Ministry
  • Outreach and Training of Nationals

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