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Frank & Ursala Rasmussen

Picture of Rasmussens

Silent Word Ministries

Advisor and Assistant

Frank and Ursala Rasmussen have been personally involved in deaf ministry since 1977. God has given them wisdom, a great desire to serve Him, and has blessed their business so they can now serve Him in many different ways. Frank and Ursala have a great desire to see more Deaf people saved!

Gifts to SWM on their behalf will be used to help more Deaf people to “hear” the gospel and be saved.

What We Do
  • Encourage Deaf Ministry Outreach
  • Promote the Gospel
  • Encourage and Help Missionaries
  • Assist and Advise SWM

Support SWM Evangelism

Gifts to SWM Evangelism Fund on behalf of Frank and Ursala will help print and send

  • SWM Gospel tracts
  • The SWM Deaf Bible Institute
  • The Silent Word Newspaper
  • SWM Pamphlets
  • And Missionary Materials.

All of these are provided free to others from this fund, and will help more Deaf people to “hear” the gospel so they can be saved. (These gifts do not personally benefit the Rasmussens.)

  • Click the button
  • Choose Silent Word Ministries
  • Choose SWM Evangelism Fund
  • Please include a note with your gift.

Thank you!

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