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Jacob & Tammy Roth

Roths, Jacob & Tammy

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Silent Word Ministries

Missionaries to Deaf  – “Steady Help”

Jacob was called to preach to and work with Deaf people in the mid-1990’s. He has continued to serve in deaf ministries in several locations. In 2021 the Lord led the Roths into what he calls Deaf Ministry, “Steady Help Ministry.” Along with preaching to and teaching Deaf people, Jacob’s burden is to assist deaf leaders and deaf pastors, and to provide Deaf access to Christian conferences, such as marriage and preacher conferences.

Sending Church Pastor, Larry Hobbs, says, “Jacob Roth has been a faithful member of Flagler County Baptist Church…. He and his family are a tremendous asset to this church body as they are involved in almost every ministry of our church…. It was my privilege to ordain Brother Jacob Roth to the gospel ministry. He possesses a strong understanding of the Word of God and is gifted in conveying this knowledge through preaching and teaching…. Without reservation, I wholeheartedly and highly recommend Bro. Jacob Roth.”

Mission Statement: “Supporting Deaf Ministries, Pastors and Leaders to steadily reach, teach, grow and disciple all DEAF for Christ.”

What We Do
  • Assist Deaf Pastors
  • Provide Access to Preaching Conferences
  • Preaching & Teaching
  • Outreach Ministries

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