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In September of 1966, Alvin Spurgin, a Deaf man in a small church in Flat Rock, Alabama, signed the song, “More About Jesus Would I Know.” His pastor, Ted Camp, watched and wept as he thought of all the Deaf who needed to know more about Jesus. God used this Deaf man to touch his heart. Deaf people could not hear, but they could read. Three months later the first The Silent Word newspaper was printed using a mimeograph machine. The first paper was sent to 50 Deaf people, but the mailing list quickly grew!

Today SWM reaches Deaf people all across the USA and in numerous foreign countries through printed literature, online ministry, USA and foreign missionaries, and short-term mission trips. God used one Deaf man to touch the heart of one pastor, whom God then used to influence countless other Deaf and hearing people for Christ. Now God is using the SWM mission team (30 people) to spread His Word around the world!

The Printed Word

SWM Publications shares God’s Word in many ways. SWM literature is distributed in our area-wide meetings and can be ordered online at the SWM store: SilentWord.org/Store (over 400 items in stock). Funds received from the sale of literature help produce, publish, and send more Bible-based literature for Deaf people and deaf ministries. “Without the Word of God there is no Work of God!”

Although SWM sells many materials, certain materials and programs are distributed “Free, as the Lord provides.” It is a great joy to send these materials to promote the Gospel “into all the world.” What are these materials?

Gospel Tracts

SWM now publishes 27 different Gospel tracts, including 3 Gospel QR card scan tracts (showing the Gospel in Sign Language at the SilentWord.org website). Order: SilentWord.org/Tracts. Churches may order larger numbers of tracts and can contact SWM for personalized tracts.

Deaf Bible Institute

DBI is a free Bible study program only for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people (adults and teens). The DBI teaches sound Bible doctrine and principles. Deaf people can learn more about the Word of God conveniently at home or in a church group. Leaders, consider teaching DBI to your Deaf group! SWM sends a certificate for each course completed. DBI is available by postal mail or online at DeafBibleInstitute.org (a SWM website).

Silent Word Newspaper

This newspaper has been continuously published (in several formats) since the beginning of SWM. It is sent to around 12,000 Deaf people, families, Deaf prisoners, churches, and individuals (postal and online), which is larger than many small-town newspapers! Readers tell us they often read “What’s Up?” before reading their favorite articles and authors. Each month they respond with appreciation and gifts to help print more newspapers.


Single page, tri-fold pamphlets have become very popular. SWM prints over 110 pamphlets on Bible topics such as “Why Christians Have Thorns,” “What is Right and Wrong?” and “The Person God Uses.” There are also topics for ladies such as, “Trust and Obey,” and “Wives, Make Your Home a Happy Place.” Deaf Ministry topics include, “How to Build a Deaf Ministry,” “God Does Call Some to Deaf Ministry,” and “What Pastors Need to Know About the Deaf Ministry.” See over 100 topics at SilentWord.org/Pamphlets. Order for “free.”

Missions Materials Ministry Leaders

When missionaries come to SWM, it is our privilege to send them away with arms full of SWM literature. However, when we are out in meetings, or in foreign countries, or when missionaries cannot carry large amounts of literature back to their countries, SWM gives them a tiny USB thumb drive full of SWM literature. Our desire is to get good, Bible-based materials into their hands, so they can use them in their ministries and on their fields.

“Free As The Lord Provides”

This simply means that as the Lord provides finances, SWM provides these materials and areas of ministry free of charge. How does the Lord provide? He uses people just like you! Churches and individuals give so the Word of God can go “into all the world.”

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