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When you think of First Timothy, think of the Apostle Paul who left Timothy in Ephesus to teach doctrine worthy of all acceptation.

Key Verse:This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation” (1 Timothy 1:15).

Paul told Timothy that good doctrine is acceptable. “Other” doctrine is not (1 Tim. 1:3,10,15).

Good Doctrine goes with: faith, grace, mercy, peace, edifying, glorious gospel (ch.1), godliness, honesty, verity, modest apparel, shamefacedness, sobriety, subjection, charity, holiness (ch.2), good behavior, hospitality, gravity (ch.3), thanksgiving, truth, prayer, words of faith, exhortation (ch.4), purity, honour, piety, (ch.5), contentment, and meekness (ch.6).

Other” Doctrine goes with: fables, endless genealogies, questions, vain jangling, murderers, liars (ch.1), much wine, filthy lucre, pride (3), seducing spirits, devils, lies, hypocrisy (ch.4), Satan, sins (ch.5), strifes, envy, temptation, lusts, destruction, vain babblings, oppositions, science falsely so called (ch.6).

The “end” (goal) of good doctrine is love 1) out of a pure heart, 2) of a good conscience, and 3) of faith unfeigned (not pretend) – 1 Timothy 1:5.

Some in Ephesus taught “other” doctrine, but acceptable doctrine was God’s will for all: Timothy, the Ephesian Church, Pastors, Deacons, Wives, Older Men and Women, Younger Men and Women, Widows, Workers, and Employers.

If you want a pure heart (before God), a good conscience (in yourself), and a faith that is not pretend (before others), follow acceptable doctrine.

Good Doctrine is Worthy of
All Acceptation by All People!

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