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When you think of Philippians, think of the Apostle Paul as he taught people in Philippi about Consolation.

Key Verse: “If there be therefore any consolation in Christ, if any comfort of love, if any fellowship of the Spirit … Fulfil ye my joy, that ye be likeminded. (2:1-2).

Consolation is the act of encouraging another person and letting him know it will be okay. The book of Philippians teaches that it is okay when bad things happen to good people.

In Philippi, Paul desired to be free, but he was beaten and put in prison. Because Paul preached in Philippi, a church was formed with members, preachers and deacons (1:1).

In Rome, Paul desired to be free, but he was put in prison. Many Romans believed in Jesus—because of Paul (1:12-14). To Paul, prison was okay, because God saved souls.

In prison, Paul desired to go on to Heaven, but God left him on earth to teach a while longer. Paul decided that “whether… by life, or by death” he would magnify Christ (1:20).

Bad things do happen to good people. Paul knew that good can come from bad. He encouraged the Philippians to be likeminded—to think like he thought.

Bad things happen to all Christians. Love God. Follow Him and obey. Even when you go through bad times, it will be okay in God’s will. Thank God for consolation.

Application: Sometimes, Christians get into trouble because of their own mistakes. But often, Christians suffer trouble even when they do right.

Do Right—It Will Be Okay!

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