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Christmas for me always included our manger scene made of cardboard. It probably cost my parents less than one dollar. We put that scene together every year. Wise men with their star – shepherds with their sheep – animals with their hay – Mary with Joseph and Baby Jesus.

Years later, I shopped for a manger scene. One caught my attention and my heart. It was a 1950s set of cardboard. It was just like the one I grew up with! The box displayed a family gathered around with the words “It tells the Christmas Story.” I bought it.

Soon, our grandchildren and I put together the cardboard wise men with their star – the shepherds with their sheep – the animals with their hay – Mary with Joseph – and Baby Jesus.

Jesus—Baby Jesus! Jesus who grew and learned —Jesus who taught and healed—Jesus who loved and gave—Jesus who endured the cross, dying for your sin and mine—Jesus who rose from the dead and went back to Heaven—Jesus who now forgives and receives.

If this scene catches your attention and heart, repent and call out to Jesus. Then “Tell the Christmas Story” to those you love.

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