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“The Days of Grace”

The days of grace soon flee away,
How quickly they do fly;
Up now, ye saint, serve God today,
Warn Deaf before they die.

The days of grace come from the Lord,
But they are almost spent;
O shall we not the Deaf afford
A chance to now repent?

The days of grace pass by and by,
The days of mercy, too,
When Deaf who on themselves rely
Receive their promised due.

The days of grace are gifts of God,
Yet patience turns to ire;
Go now, the Gospel spread abroad,
And preach of grace and fire.

The days of grace shall not return,
O let us preach and tell
Before the Deaf begin to burn
In that, the devil’s Hell.

The days of grace pass one by one,
And soon shall be no more;
The Great Commission must be done.
Shall we the Deaf ignore?

The days of grace shall some day end,
For time is dwindling fast;
Have you shared Christ with your Deaf friend
Whose days are almost past?

The days of grace, yes, come and go,
Soon Deaf shall meet their fate;
Arise, ye saved, the Gospel sow
Before it is too late.

© Written by WDB on October 19, 1998 at 8:10 a.m. while meditating on a poem by Robert Murray McCheyne, “These Days Are Past.”

Adapted for the Deaf on March 2, 2009. Meter:

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