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Who are the deaf? They are people without physical hearing whose social relationships both inside and outside the home may be affected by a lack of opportunities that the sense of hearing affords.

What is meant by the phrase, “the Deaf… And…?” These are other people, who have been created by God differently. They are often referred to as “special-needs“ people. These people have Down’s Syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism, traumatic brain injury, vision or hearing loss, or other physical or developmental disabilities. These are the people that SWMI refers to as “the deaf… and….”

These people need Jesus Christ also! They need to know their Creator, Sustainer, Savior, and the Lover of their souls. We often sing the children’s chorus, “Jesus loves me, this I know for the Bible tells me so.” We also sing “Jesus loves the little children of the world.” This is true! However, Jesus also loves children and adults with special needs. Whether they are deaf or not, they have special physical needs, special mental needs, and a special need to have someone focus on reaching them for Jesus Christ and showing them God’s love.

SWMI has a heart and desire to reach deaf people for Jesus Christ, but we also desire to reach those who have special needs. SWMI has a missionary, Monique Lindsey, on the field of Liberia, West Africa, who is now working with those who have special needs. In the months and years ahead, we expect to share reports from Africa, as people with many different spiritual and special needs are reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Monique will soon be joined by another SWMI missionary, Carrie Whaley. Carrie will be helping reach deaf people who have minimal language abilities, but she will also be working with Monique to help others who have special needs besides deafness.

Please pray for these two missionaries as they train national laborers to minister among those with special needs so they might see, hear, and feel the love of Jesus Christ for them, in spite of their so-called “handicaps and disabilities.” Please contact SWM for more information about helping them financially.

Jesus Christ spent the last three years of his life reaching many people who had various sicknesses and diseases, as well as those with special physical and spiritual needs. SWMI is also committed to reaching these people with the loving message of salvation in Christ alone. Thank you for your prayers and financial support for SWMI and our missionaries as we go to the uttermost to reach those who are the least, the last, and the lost for Christ.

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