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“And they bring unto him one that was deaf” (Mark 7:32). “They” means someone brought this Deaf man to Jesus maybe a father or mother, maybe a friend, but someone cared for the Deaf man and brought him to Jesus. “They” brought him to Jesus who understands the Deaf. Jesus communicated with the Deaf man. Jesus touched his ear and his tongue to sign that the Deaf man could not talk or hear. Jesus looked up to Heaven and said, “Ephphatha,” which means be opened. The Deaf man heard and spoke for the first time. He was eternally changed because “they” brought him to Jesus. What if they had not brought him?

There are many more Deaf people who need to be saved. Help us bring them to Jesus. You can bring Deaf to Jesus by bringing them to church. You can show preaching videos and talk to them about Jesus as you watch the preaching in Sign Language. You can send the Deaf the Silent Word Newspaper. Someone needs to bring them to Jesus. A Deaf person said to me, “I don’t bother the Deaf about Jesus. I just leave them alone to make their decision.” If you never bother your Deaf friends, who will? Who can best help the Deaf? Another deaf person who knows the Deaf language and culture. The Deaf can bring Deaf to Jesus. How do I know? Because I am Deaf and I bring Deaf to Jesus…and so can you!


  • ckbelle1308 says:

    14105 Mossy Glen Lane apt 203-F
    Tampa,fla 33613

    • Jon Barr says:

      We cannot post your address on the Silent Word Ministries website for this article.

      What did you want SWM to send you? Did you mean to order something?

      Please respond by email to JBarr@SilentWord.org. Or call 706-657-8000 (V) or 706-956-0485 (VP). We will be happy to help you.

      Jon Barr

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