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What is most important for all Deaf people? “Let us hear the conclusion (end) of the whole matter: Fear (respect) God, and keep (obey) his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man” (Ecclesiastes 12:13). The most important thing is to respect God and obey His commandments.

The Deaf can do right things, have a right spiritual life, and respect God. How do Deaf Christians show respect for God? 1) Be sure that God is most important in your life, 2) Love God more than anyone, 3) Worship and obey God, 4) Spend time with God through prayer, Bible reading, and fellowship with other Christians, 5) Share God’s love with other people, 6) Pay attention to what God wants you to do.

Parents, it is important you teach your Deaf and hearing children to respect and obey you, their parents. Sometimes my grandchildren do not obey and respect me (Papa). When I take my grandsons to school, sometimes they horseplay in the back seat. I tell them to stop the horseplay. They must behave and be quiet. They must learn to respect Papa. The Deaf can respect God. You can respect God. You can show other people how to love and respect God. Respecting God is most impotant in your life. God deserves your love, your obedience and your respect.

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