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Deaf Poems

The Deaf Christian’s Prayer

By January 19, 2021No Comments

“The Deaf Christian’s Prayer”

By Doris Crowe

Do the angels sing in Heaven, Lord, will I hear music there?
Or must I stand in a corner, while others join in prayer.
Will I wonder what they are saying, Lord, Like I often do down here?
Must I sit still and be patient, while the bells ring loud and clear?

Can I read your lips in Heaven, Lord, or will I be brushed aside,
Will I hide my hands in my pocket, because of wounded pride?
Will the saints all stand to praise Thee, while I in silence wait?
Will there be someone in Heaven, to lead me through the gate?

Do You know Sign Language Lord, will you fully understand?
The words that I convey to You, by nimble and swift hands?
Will an angel be there to interpret, and tell me what you say?
Or will I wait till someone comes and points the way?

And God who loves the humble, whispered into the anxious deaf ear.
My child has no one told you, there is no silence here.
Hold out your hands my little one, for Heaven to see.
We’ve heard them pray so many times, each prayer reached up to Me.

See all the angles are waiting, the gate is open wide.
Your crown of life is waiting, and I shall be your guide.
I have a song to give you, your song shall be loud and clear.

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