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“The Faithfulness of Felisabela”

For years Christ found her faithful
To Him and His dear Word
Though in this life she never
With ears His Gospel heard.

She heard with eyes Christ opened
To truth through someone’s hands,
And now in Heav’n with Jesus
She hears the angel bands.

To church she e’er was faithful
With Bible in her hand,
But Christ has called her fin’lly
To dwell in Beulah land.

Though in this life her deafness
Kept her from many things
She still found time for Jesus,
Heav’n’s glorious King of kings.

For years she had been faithful
To Christ, her precious Lord;
But now she’s gone to Heaven
To claim her vowed reward.

© Written by WDB on July 28, 2006 shortly after the home-going of Felisbela, age 86, a faithful deaf woman of God.


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