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My ministry has taken me many places. We saw the Red Wood Forest of California with gigantic trees. Unbelievable! We hiked the Grand Canyon. We stayed overnight at Phantom Ranch. Fascinating! Another time we hiked into the Grand Canyon. We had church with the Havasupai Indians. Awesome! We conducted five Deaf camps in the Philippine Islands. Unforgettable! We visited China’s Deaf schools and preached in an underground church. Unbelievable!

One of my most unforgettable sights was Niagara Falls. I felt the presence of God as waters sprayed me and roared over the Falls. Niagara Falls, bordering the USA and Canada, falls 160 feet into a roaring, surging river. At the brink, 379,000 tons of water a minute rush over the edge. But Niagara is not the world’s largest waterfall. Victoria Falls in Africa is 355 feet high, twice as high and wide as Niagara. But Victoria is not the largest. Angel Falls in Venezuela drops 3,212 feet and is about 20 times higher than Niagara! But Angel Falls is not the largest! The greatest “falls” is not Niagara, Victoria, or Angel Falls.

The greatest falls in the world is the “falls of forgiveness” at Calvary. Calvary dwarfs all other falls. “And when they were come to the place, which is called Calvary, there they crucified him” (Luke 23:33). From Calvary flows a crimson “falls” of saving blood that has been flowing and forgiving for over 2,000 years. Calvary is the greatest because only this “falls” has power to eternally forgive sins. The precious, sacrificial atoning blood of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, flows from Calvary to forgive sins and restore us to God. “But this man (Jesus), after he had offered one sacrifice for sins for ever, sat down on the right hand of God (in Heaven)” (Heb. 10:12). Millions have come and still come to Calvary’s “falls of forgiveness.” As the song, “What can wash away my sins?” Answer, “Nothing but the blood of Jesus.” At Calvary, the ground is level and everyone is equal. Kings, queens, beggars, old and young, all people groups, and even you, are welcomed. Jesus Christ, the son of God, died as a sacrifice for our sin and rose as a Saviour to restore us to God. Have you been to Calvary for forgiveness of sins and peace with God (Rom. 5:1)? If not, then make an unforgettable cleansing trip to the flowing “falls of forgiveness.” I enjoyed my travels, but most of all I am eternally grateful for my life-changing trip to Calvary. “Thank God I’ve been to Calvary.” Amazing! As the song, “Though millions have come, there is still room for one.” It closes with, “There’s room at the cross for you.” There is still room, and God’s peace and forgiveness is waiting for you at the great “falls of forgiveness” from Calvary. The life-changing “falls of forgiveness” are still falling and flowing!

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