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“The Gospel Embodied”

The Christian must impersonate
The Gospel and its pow’r;
Its very nature with each trait
Must flow from us each hour.
The pow’r of all constraining love
Must fill each Christian’s breast
If we would speak of Christ above
And His Word manifest.

The energy of self-denial
Must dominate the heart,
And this be done with sincere smile
If we would Christ impart.
The strength of faith must e’er control
The will and intellect;
Emotions, too, within the soul
The Spirit must direct.

The force and fire of holiness
Must all the body bind
If we would carry and confess
His name as He designed.
The vigor of humility
Must fill each word and act
If we each day would faithfully
The world for Christ impact.

With courage let us preach the Word,
Let’s stand with passion bold;
Let faith and vigor lead us on
Through fields of harvest gold.
Heroic, hearty we must be
To shape this world for God;
Let’s live for Him now mightily
And spread His light abroad.

© Written by WDB.
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