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“And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.(John 12:32). The Lord was lifted upon the cross at Calvary and as promised, He draws all men with an inner magnetic force unto Himself. The drawing power of a magnet is amazing, but the magnetism of the Lord is the greatest magnetic drawing power known unto man. As they are drawn He opens eyes of understanding, quickens spirits, nudges hearts, and convicts souls. Everyone has felt His magnetic drawing power during circumstances, tragedies, moments, songs, messages, tracts, deaths, and witnessing. Some respond – Some resist. Recognize that you have within you an instinctive emptiness that draws and drives you toward Him. As salmon must swim upstream to the place of birth, geese must migrate, and turtles return to their place of birth. They follow their God-given drawing inner instincts. They do not understand why, but they simply know they must do it. They were born with an inner instinct that drives them to do what they do.  All people are also born with an inner instinct that draws and drives them towards God. All people look towards a power higher than themselves.

They seek the purpose of their existence. They realize life is short and eternity is long. They try to fill that inner emptiness with power, pleasure, and popularity but remain empty. Some finally climb the ladder of success but find nothing is there. Be honest! Have you experienced those drawing moments? You did not put it there, but you know it is there. You have within you an instinctive inner longing that cannot be satisfied, a hunger in your soul that cannot be filled. Learn that there is nothing you can do to fill that inner emptiness and satisfy that hunger. Why? Because the Lord put that instinctive emptiness and hunger within you to draw you unto Himself. “For he satisfieth the longing soul, and filleth the hungry (empty) soul with goodness” (Psa. 107:9). At this moment you may sense His magnetic instinctive drawing. Why? You were made from God and for God. Know God – Know Peace. No God – No Peace.

He draws because He desires a personal relationship with you. Know that Jesus Christ was your sacrifice for sin (Heb. 10:12), He became your substitute at death (Rom. 5:8), and He became your Saviour(2 Tim. 1:10) when He rose from the grave to give you eternal life (John 10:28). Believe and receive Him as your Lord and Saviour (John 1:12). Yield to Him and know the purpose of your existence.

The greatest testimony to the world is a changed consistent Christian life and the Lord is still changing lives. How do I know? Because at 23 years of age, He changed my life (2 Cor 5:17). What He did for me, He can now do for you. Realize Christianity is not a religion but a relationship with Christ.  Learn: There is more to life than just living! Good news! He is still magnetically drawing “all” people unto Himself, and that includes you, you, and even you. Don’t resist – respond. No one ever regretted responding to the Lord’s magnetic drawing power – No one!

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