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Recently five of our grandchildren came to stay with us for a few days while their parents got away for some rest. We were thrilled to have them. While they were with us, I was working on the ground under my truck. Our oldest granddaughter and grandson came by on their bikes and asked what I was doing. I explained, and they asked if they could help. Of course I said yes. I then had them get on the ground with me. I asked them to get me tools that I needed, and I also let them use the tools to help. I probably could have done the job in half of the time, and have done it a little bit better, but where was the wisdom in that? Our grandchildren took great joy in being able to help. I was thrilled because I saw their desire to help mixed with their learning of new things.

This made me think about how often I hear older people in the ministry complain about how few younger people are involved. Maybe the younger people are not involved because we more experienced people in ministry do not take the time to show them how to do it. Please look for someone you can teach the things that God has taught you – Things from the Bible, things about Sign Language, and things about how to build a ministry. I am thankful for all the things God has allowed me to learn in my years of serving Him. Those things should not die with me. Those same things should be passed along to younger people. If we do not teach them, we are being selfish. When Jesus left this earth, He left His disciples with the things He had taught them. He told them to take those things and share them with others. We need to follow the teaching/leading example of Jesus with the people He has allowed us to influence. Don’t let the things you have learned die with you! Pass them along to those younger than you who want to learn. Pray for them to go far beyond where you have gone, and reach many more people than you have reached! Keep the main thing the main thing, and pass it along to those following you!

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