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“The Missionaries I Seek”

I do not seek for men of fame,
But men of aspiration;
I seek for saints who do aspire
To bring men to salvation.

I do not seek for men, O Lord,
Who have an education;
I seek but those who have a life
Of prayer and supplication.

I do not seek for prophets, Lord,
Nor for new revelation;
I seek for men who pray and fast
In humble meditation.

I do not seek for beauty, Lord,
I seek for dedication;
I’m not concerned with fun and frills,
But with a firm foundation.

I do not seek for talents, Lord,
I seek for separation;
I seek all those with holy lives
Who live in consecration.

I do not seek for greatness, Lord,
But seek cooperation;
I seek for folks who labor well
In any situation.

I do not seek for those who yearn
For one big, long vacation;
I seek for servants who will work
‘Midst trials for the duration.

I do not seek for those who crave
This world’s remuneration;
I seek for those who do esteem
Alone Thy commendation.

© Written by WDB on July 3, 2004 in Sanford, Florida.

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