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“The Missions Conference”

Our missions conference comes again,
We know what to expect:
“We need to give, and go, and pray,
And lost souls not neglect.”

The message is the same each year:
“Could God be calling you?”
We brush it off so easily,
“It can’t be me, but who?”

The missionaries come and go,
With burdens on their heart;
They speak of souls, and where they’ll go
When flesh and spirit part.

“Could God be calling me?” you say
With doubt, and dread, and fear.
“Or is He calling one I love,
A son or daughter dear.”

The needs here in the U.S.A.
Are more than can be met;
So souls way off in “foreign lands”
We try hard to forget.

But God – Who knocks at your heart’s door,
Has now a job for you;
So will you answer, or ignore?
The lab’rers are so few.

Can you consent to part with ease,
Embrace distress, and strife?
Can you step out by faith alone
Though it may cost your life?

The time is running out, my friend,
For there’s a race to run;
The winner’s crown we must achieve
Before the setting sun.

For centuries there have been those
That gave their lives to Christ.
They gave their all in life and death;
What have you sacrificed?

Your loved ones you may never see
Again here on this earth;
But surely will be worth it all
When lost receive new birth.

And now it’s up to us, o friend,
No more can we delay;
We’ve a responsibility
To show the lost the Way.

And when on Heaven’s holy ground
You bow before God’s throne,
It will be worth each sacrifice
To hear, “My child, well done.”

© Written by DLB.
May be sung to the tune of “O For A Thousand Tongues To Sing” – AZMON.
Common Meter:

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