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These courses, Prophets I and Prophets II, are studies of the prophets in the Old Testament; their fight against idol worship and all false worship. These studies teach about the prophets, their ministries and messages about sin, the will of God, judgments and the future.

What Is A Prophet? What is a true prophet? What is a false prophet? How many books did the prophets write in the Old Testament? What is the true and false religion? Who is right? These questions and others will be answered in these courses. These courses will give better understanding about the true and false religions. This is a much needed study for the Deaf. America has become the same as Israel in the Old Testament, having many different religions and beliefs.

Prophets I is a study of the writings and life of the prophets; the times and history of the prophets; the people and how they worshipped in the Old Testament days. The prophets were sent from God to the people.

Prophets II is a study of the fight of the prophets against false worship and idols. God used His prophets to stand against idols and false worship. This course teaches against false doctrines and religions.

There are many false religions pulling the deaf into their beliefs. Many churches are complaining that this is a major problem. The deaf need to understand the differences in the many religions of today. These courses should strengthen a deaf ministry against the cults and false religions. If you do not teach them, someone else will and usually the first to really teach the deaf will keep them. Teach the right beliefs and doctrines so that the Deaf will not be pulled into false religion. For best results teach one lesson on each prophet. Have the deaf find the book in the Old Testament. Study the comments in the Bible, dates, author and history. Be sure to give an application at the close of each lesson.

A Note to Teachers: Prophets I and Prophets II are much needed courses to help teach Deaf people about false religions and idol worship in the Old Testament. Prophets I introduces the prophets and their ministries. Prophets II teaches the false religions of the past and today. Before you begin, explain the meaning of prophet and prophesy. Give a sign name for each prophet so you will not have to spell it each time. Remember the one goal of these courses is to strengthen the Deaf against false worship so they will not be stolen by false shepherds. Do not teach in depth about false religions of today until Prophets II is being taught. Do not make the mistake of hurrying through these courses. You may have regrets later. “…and they that have not heard shall understand” (Romans 15:21).


Before the prophets God used Moses to lead the people out of Egypt. After Moses died, the great captain, Joshua, became the new leader. Then the judges ruled over the people until finally the people wanted a king. King Saul was the first king, then David and later Solomon. After Solomon, the kingdom became divided. The kings and the people did not follow God. The people were scattered into many countries. They had no true leader. At first God used leaders, as Moses, to represent Him to man. These leaders would tell other leaders what God wanted. Moses went to Pharaoh and Elijah went to King Ahab for God. The leaders and people rejected the leaders of God. God then sent prophets to preach and write about the will of God.

WHAT IS A PROPHET? A prophet was a person who spoke for God to the people. God did not come down from Heaven to talk with the people. He sent a person to talk for Him. A prophet stood for God to man. He represented the will of God to man. A prophet preached to the people about their sins, the love of God, the future things and the judgments of God.

WHAT IS PROPHECY? The prophet’s message about future happenings was called prophecy. To prophesy usually means telling about things that have not happened but will happen in the future. A prophecy is something God has revealed that one could not know by reasoning. A prophet was almost the same as a preacher of today, except the preacher preaches from the Bible to the people. Everything about the future is already written in the Bible. Today, God does not talk with His voice to the preacher the way He talked to the prophets. Now, the Bible is His voice and there is no need for prophets. The Bible is now complete and God no longer needs prophets to represent Him. Today, the Bible replaces the positions of men as Moses, Joseph and Elijah.

God Used Prophets – God uses men to represent Him to the people. In the Old Testament He sent prophets to be His voice to the people. God sent Noah to preach about the flood; to warn the people about things that would happen. The people refused Noah and died in the flood. They did not believe the man of God. The people did not just reject Noah but they rejected God. Noah warned that the flood was coming, but the people rejected Noah.

God sent many different many leaders, kings, and prophets to each generation in the Old Testament. Today, God still uses His people to minister to others for Him. Every Christian should be a witness for the Lord. The greatest need today is for Christians to tell other people about God’s wonderful plan of salvation; to be God’s voice to all the people. Christians should be a light to shine the glory of God, and as salt to make a difference in the lives of others. The greatest testimony to the world is a changed and consistent Christian living for God.

In one meeting a deaf man was saved. He was very happy but then he became sad when he thought about his unsaved friends. He asked why no one had told his deaf friends about Jesus. Then he said that his friends needed to know about Jesus. The next night he brought his deaf friends to the revival. They were saved. He brought more friends the next night and they were saved. When the meeting was finished, twenty-two deaf had been saved. Today, the Christian has the Word of God, the Bible. Every Christian should talk to his lost friends about the Word of God. Do you have any friends who are not saved? Bring them to church. Tell them about Jesus. One day they will die, and then it will be too late. In the Old Testament God spoke to His prophets with His voice. Today we are to speak for God from the Bible. God used the prophets in the past. God can also use you. Volunteer yourself to be used of the Lord.

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