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Sue took a job with the FBI, examining fingerprints. When it was discovered that she could read lips, they transferred her to another department, transcribing conversations from security cameras. This eventually became the inspiration for a TV series about her life. Sue later learned that she had multiple sclerosis and other health issues, but she continued to serve God. For at least 13 years, Sue traveled to Washington, D.C. at Christmas where she began “Operation Silent Night.” She spent Christmas with homeless people and gave them coats and food. Sue became famous because of the TV series, and God used her fame to open doors for her to talk about Him in many countries. But Sue often regarded the TV series as a “thorn.” She said, “I don’t want the world to know me as “Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye.” I want the world to know me as “God’s greatest sinner saved by His grace—and grace alone!”

On December 13, 2022, Sue Thomas entered the presence of her Savior, and her ears were opened to His voice.

For Part 1 of this article, see Jan/Feb 2023 issue of “The Silent Word”. Information taken from various sources such as Wikipedia, SueThomasFBEye.com, and ReviveOurHearts.com.

To listen to or read transcripts of these fascinating interviews between Christian speaker Nancy Demoss Wolgemuth and the real Sue Thomas, visit: reviveourhearts.com. To watch the Deaf-Culture rich TV series, look for it on the Roku Channel, TubiTV, or EncourageTV on YouTube.

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