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As I studied Esther I realized that at times God’s providential unseen hand may remain unseen. Even though God is not mentioned in the book, His fingerprints are found throughout the story. In chapter five Haman plans the downfall and death of Esther, Mordecai and the Jews. But in chapter six many unusual and strange events began to occur. 

Strange: (vs. 1) On that night could not the king sleep. Insomnia, I think not! 

Unusual: Then he requested the boring book of Chronicles to be read. 

Strange: (vs. 2) The servant just happened to read the recorded actions of Mordecai. 

Unusual: By chance he read of Mordecia’s service in saving the king. Strange: (vs. 3) The king noticed nothing was done to honor Mordecai. 

Unusual: He knew he must reward Mordecai to get some sleep. 

Very Strange: (vs. 6) At that exact moment Haman appeared to seek permission to hang Mordecai. 

Unusual: Haman remained silent as the king expressed the need to honor a special person. 

Strange: (Oops!) Haman thought he was that special person. 

Unusual: (vs. 8) Haman excitedly expressed things should be done to honor that special person. 

Surprise! (vs. 10-12) Haman in shame and sorrow publicly had to honor Mordecai. Selah! 

Was this just a coincidence? I think not! As Paul Harvey said, “Now the rest of the story.” The unseen hand of God reversed all things and circumstances. The queen was exalted, the Jews were spared, and Mordecai was honored. Guess what! Haman hung on the gallows made for Mordecai (7:10). Selah! In just one night the unseen hand of God worked all things together for their good and His glory. Good News! The providential unseen hand of God still continues to work. He is in control. His plans cannot be hindered. His actions cannot be reversed. He is all powerful and by Him all things are sustained, exist, and consist (Col. 1:17). Without Him there would be no beginnings (Gen. 1:1).

Now, consider what the unseen hand did for Israel, the Jews, Esther, and Mordecai. God can also do again for America, Christians, families, and you. Selah! It is amazing that Esther, Mordecai, the Jews, Haman, and even the king were unaware of the unseen hand. As Esther we may also be in a certain situation for such a time as this (Esther 3:4). Trust God! Learn that the unseen hand of God can interrupt and intervene with strange and unusual happenings that work all things together for our good and His glory (Rom. 8:28). The unseen Hand! Strange and unusual? “I think not!” Selah!

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