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But there Are Many Things the Deaf Can Do!

There are some things the Deaf cannot do. Deaf people cannot play the piano or sing with their voices. Deaf people cannot hear a bad muffler, birds, or even a baby cry. Deaf people cannot hear the chimes of Christmas or the Christmas Cantata. Deaf people cannot hear radio broadcasts, sirens, alarms, or a knock on the door. There are some things that the Deaf cannot do. But all Deaf can serve the Lord and do right. Not everyone can be the pastor, but everyone can be faithful and serve the Lord. The church needs more Deaf to be involved and do what they can. Deaf are becoming deacons, ushers, and helpers. Some Deaf ladies are singing specials in deaf services. Some deaf ladies help in the kitchen and nursery. Some deaf are teaching and discipling other deaf. Some Deaf are preachers, evangelists, and missionaries. It is wonderful to see the Deaf do it! First, the Deaf need to become faithful and meet all the requirements of the church to serve. Just being deaf does not qualify or disqualify you. You can get involved in your church and deaf ministry. You can do it! Deaf people should meet the same standards as hearing people. I hope that in the future the Deaf people will be used more and more to serve the Lord. It is my desire to see Deaf people become mature and used of the Lord. It is my desire to serve God.

I am Deaf, and I can do it! If I can do it, so can you!

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