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This One Thing I Do

By October 28, 2021No Comments

“A doubleminded man is unstable in all his ways” (James 1:8). Notice the words “doubleminded” which means “two minds,” “thinking two ways,” or “being undecided.” A person who is double-minded is considered (by others to be) unstable in all his ways. Unstable means to be unsure and unreliable. Some give a “definite maybe.” Some are like the cowboy who jumped on his horse and rode off in all directions. As Yogi Berra said, “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.” Duh!

Let’s Learn a lesson from a lion tamer. When a lion tamer faces a caged lion he carries a four-legged stool, a whip, and a safety pistol. But the most important thing is the four-legged stool. Why? The lion tamer holds the stool by the back and thrusts the four legs toward the face of the lion. He knows the lion will focus on all four legs at once. As the lion focuses on all four, a kind of paralysis overwhelms the lion. Soon it becomes tame, weak, confused, and disabled because its attention is withdrawn from the lion tamer to the four-legged stool. The four-legged stool confuses and controls the lion. The lion is focused on the chair and unfocused on the lion tamer. When you continually focus on many things, you also become unstable, unsure, and unfocused. Paul said, “This one thing I do” (Phil. 3:13). When you focus on many tasks, you unfocus on major tasks. Napoleon Hill said, “An ounce of action is better than a pound of intentions.” Unsent cards are never read. The Spirit could say, “I had much for you to do, but your hands were too full.”

What have you done? What have you left undone! There are no well-dones for undones. Many tasks keep you active without accomplishments. Work your plan and plan your work. Learn to delegate many minor tasks to others, and focus on major tasks. One can do much, but many can do much more. Learn to focus on your one major main task and unfocus on many minor tasks. Keep the main thing the main thing. Main Thing Examples: Noah/ark – Nehemiah/wall – Joshua/Caanan – Paul/Gentiles – Jesus/Cross – You/?. God has given you a mind to think, a heart to know, and a will to decide. You know what is right – do it. When God opens a door, don’t hesitate. By faith walk through it. Then close the back door, and don’t even leave it ajar. Trust and obey the Lord even if you do not understand. John R. Rice said, “If you want you prayers answered then want what God wants.” It could be said, “If you want a good life and ministry, want what God wants.” Unstable is to be unsure. Don’t be “double minded” and “unstable” but be “single minded”, sure and steadfast. What is your one thing? Well, that is for you to find out, and when you do, say as Paul, “This one thing I do.”

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