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God loves “others.” Adam & Eve were “others” whom God created. Every person is an “other” to God.

Jesus said that the “first and great” commandment is to love God. He also said that the second great commandment is like the first—to love your neighbor as you love yourself (Matthew 22:37-39). Jesus loved “others.” He lived for “others.” He ministered to “others.” He gave his life on the cross for “others.” You and I are “others” whom Jesus loves.
Second Great Commandment: The first and great command in the Bible is to love God well. The second great command is like the first—to love others well.

Second Great Sin: If you live without loving God, you sin against God. You commit the greatest sin. If you say that you love God, but do not love others, you also disobey. You commit the second greatest sin. God loves “others.” You should love others too!

Who Are Your “Others”? We all have “others.” Who are yours? If you are married, your closest “other” should be your mate. Do you love your mate as God loves you? Do you have parents, siblings, children, co-workers, friends, or fellow church members? They are your “others.”

Looking Forward: How is your love? For God? For “others”? You cannot change the past, but you can live for the future. Start now. Love God—Love others!

Application: It is always right to love others as God loves.

“On Your Mark—Get Set—LOVE!”
Remember—Obey God’s Word—Together!

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