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“Til Every Tribe Shall Hear”

How well we love the story
Of the blessed Son of God,
How He purchased our redemption
When up Calv’ry’s hill He trod;
How He told the ones who loved Him
They must tell His love abroad
‘Til every tribe shall hear.

Go to every tribe and nation,
With the message of salvation;
Haste the joyful consummation
When every tribe shall hear.

But there are many millions
Who have never heard His name;
They’ve no hope of life eternal,
They cannot salvation claim;
For they do not know the message
Jesus told us to proclaim
‘Til every tribe shall hear.


The Day of God is coming
When the church of Christ shall stand
Face to face with Christ her Saviour
In the blessed promised land;
And we each shall give our answer,
“Did you hasten My command
That every tribe shall hear?”


© Written by Missionary Dan Truax.
May be sung to the tune of “Battle Hymn of the Republic.”

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