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Translate SWM Literature

Our desire is to provide this material for use in spreading the Gospel. This is simple material that can be taught to many groups of people on any level. If you are interested in translating any of SWM’s Christian Literature into your language, please contact us for more information.

Note: Translation is done on a volunteer basis. SWM is a not-for-profit ministry and appreciates the many people who freely give of their time to help us spread the Gospel around the world. Thank you for your help.

Help Silent Word Ministries translate certain publications into other languages. Here is how….

Who can help?

  • If you are an experienced translator, we welcome your help!
  • Translators help on a volunteer basis, as a service to the Lord.
  • Missionaries, pastors, and nationals are encouraged to recruit a qualified translator in your area to translate this material for use in your ministry
  • Translators should have a good understanding of the written target language.
  • This is a team effort. If you are not qualified to translate, you may recommend this project to an experienced translator who can help. Every person is important. TEAM:
    • Together
    • Everyone
    • Accomplishes
    • More

Translation Guidelines…

  • The translation must be accurate and keep the sense and spirit of the original.
  • The translation must not change the formatting of the original. SWM will format the text as needed. Please do not change the graphics, colors, or fonts.
  • The most conservative and traditionally-accepted Bible translation should be used. In English we use the King James Version. Our goal is to reach as many people as possible. We will not become involved in debates regarding translations. It is wise to be reasonable.
  • Naturally, these are guidelines. Specific questions will be handled individually.

How to begin…

Please use the contact form to send us a message. We will reply with instructions

Thank you for your help!

We appreciate everyone who helps with this special project! SWM is a unique, non-profit ministry dedicated to taking the Gospel to Deaf people. Our desire is to “reach them” and “teach them.” This project is not limited to Deaf people, but can help all people, Deaf and hearing, who want to follow the Lord. Thank you for your concern for teaching others to follow Jesus Christ

For Deaf Souls,

Jon Barr and the Silent Word Ministries Team