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Pictures are important when teaching the deaf. Pictures help in many ways. They help to explain hard words, Bible stories, and unknown places. Use pictures to help people understand God’s Word.

  1. When using pictures to teach a word, keep the picture simple. If possible, show only the word you are teaching in the picture. Pictures with many things in them may be confusing. Use a picture with only that object, person, or place in the picture. For example, when teaching about camels, use a picture of a camel only. Do not use a picture of a camel with the desert and trees and people. Just show a picture of the camel.
  2. Organize your pictures. Keep your pictures in the order you are teaching. When you need the picture, it is right there. There will be no need to go searching for it while teaching.
  3. Be careful of distractions while using pictures. Pictures can drop or go sliding across the floor. When they drop, all the deaf will try to get them. Your class is disrupted. You can attach your pictures together using different methods to keep them together. An easel will also help to keep pictures from falling. To avoid distractions, I do not use flannel graph pictures. They easily fall or blow off the board. However, if you must use them, tape or sticky tack them to the board so they will stay.
  4. Online sites will provide good pictures. I recommend FreeBibleImages.org. They have free Bible story pictures in several different forms and types. If you would like to know more places to find pictures for teaching, just contact me, and I will be happy to help you.

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