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When teaching deaf who need special help, pictures are a must. Someone who is having difficulty understanding, can be helped with a simple picture. I remember teaching the 10 plagues in Egypt. No matter how much I tried, the deaf had a problem understanding “hail” (no hail in Philippines). I found a picture and they understood immediately. Use pictures to help people understand better.

  1. Use pictures to explain hard or unknown words. Sometimes it is impossible to explain something that people have no experience with. Pictures help to explain. For example, pictures of Old and New Testament life are good to show. Life in Bible times was different than life today. Bible pictures of people sowing, farming, fishing will help them understand the Bible. You can easily find pictures of people recreating Bible times.
  2. Use pictures to explain Bible stories. There are stories in the Bible that are hard to explain without a picture. Recently I taught about Jesus walking on the water. This is a hard idea to teach without a picture. After all, no one has seen people walking on water before. A picture will help them understand many of the Bible stories. You can get free pictures of Bible stories at: freebibleimages.org
  3. Be simple, but not childish. I always try to use pictures that are serious. Stay away from pictures made for small children. Also do not use pictures that are silly or funny. Find pictures that seriously teach the ideas needed. Be simple, but not childish.

    Use pictures to help them understand the Word of God. Remember, one picture is worth 1,000 words.

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