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Volunteers are needed! Get involved at SWM. Did you know that Silent Word Ministries has no salaried employees? We depend on volunteers and missionaries to help in many different areas. As a volunteer, you can help us in your area of expertise — building maintenance, graphic design, videography, proofreading, typing, painting, automobile maintenance, and more. Many people from the local area volunteer regularly. Some come from a great distance to help with special projects such as sending “The Silent Word” newspaper.  There have been as many as 40 volunteers assisting on “newspaper day.” Several SWM missionaries, who have their own ministry, volunteer in the SWM office when available. Deaf and hearing volunteers bind booklets, do landscaping and maintenance, proofread, help send the Silent Word Newspaper, and much more. There is always much to do around SWM and we are very thankful for each volunteer!

Volunteer Today

Contact us and let us know how you would like to help. Sign language skill is not required.

Volunteer Builders
Sue Mercer
Paul Mosley
Photo of Deaf Man With Phone