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“What Burden For the Deaf”

My bowels churn, my belly aches,
Since food I do deny,
That I might pray for Deaf men lost
Who without God will die.

The hunger pains do swell inside,
They bother me oft times,
Reminding me to pray for lost
Deaf men in other climes.

My stomach growls so much it groans
While fasting for the lost,
And praying for the Deaf who must
Be won at any cost.

And you, my friend, I have to ask,
Do you care for the Deaf?
Are you involved in reaching them
Before their second death?

© Written by WDB on February 18, 2009 at 3:00 in the morning, at Missionary Refuge in Fort Payne, Alabama while praying for revival among the Deaf of Jamaica.

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