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Sometimes deaf ministry workers meet someone that has a hard time understanding. They ask. “What do I do?” Sometimes people say they have no sin. What do you do to help them to understand the Gospel?

  1. Be sure to add the sign “before” when asking them, “Do you sin?” Without the “before,” they think you are asking them if they are sinning now. They will always answer, “Me no sin (now).” Add the “before” sin to help them understand they have sinned before.
  2. What Do I Do? they might have done. You need to be sure the sins are sins they might have done. For example, someone who has never been to school has no idea what cheatinghimes in school is. Use examples of sins that they have done.
  3. Act out sins. Sometimes pictures cannot clearly explain some sins. Do skits to explain things like “lie” and “disobey.”
  4. Watch them for sins. Sometimes all of the above ideas do not work. Watch the person for some sin that you can point out to them. Years ago, I taught 2 deaf girls. They strongly told me that they NEVER sinned. No matter what I did, they were not convinced. I watched them pull hair and elbow each other. When I asked them, “You pull hair. Bad?” They said, “Yes, me bad sin.” They were later saved.
  5. Show how all people have sinned. Start with all have sin. Then I (teacher) have sin. Other people sinned. You sin? By doing this little by little, they will answer: You sin, yes. Other people sin, yes. Me sin, yes. By using the order, all sin, I sin, they sin, and you sin, too, it helps them to understand that all people (including them) have sinned.

    More next time. If you have any questions about what to do in certain situations, please let me know. I am always happy to help.

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